5 Things You Should Know When Planning a Beach Wedding

5 Things You Should Know When Planning a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding, can be an amazing experience both for you as the couple and your guests. After all, it’s like a mini-vacation for everyone involved! However, pulling off a flawless event at the shore isn’t without its unique challenges.


Beach Wedding

Have a Daytime Beach Ceremony

The ocean provides you with one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding. You’ll want to take full advantage of that by hosting your wedding ceremony during the day or even perhaps catching that golden hour just before sunset. You’ll get some of the best photos this way. Having a daytime wedding does have it’s own problems one being the worry of sunburn, so make sure you provide your guests with some sunscreen and don’t forget to slather it on yourself either. It’s also important to choose florals that are going to be able to stand up to the heat, and won’t be withered before mid afternoon when the sun is at it’s peak. A few great floral options that are often able to withstand the heat are fressias, calla lillies, orchids and succulents.

Have a Sound System

Sometimes when you are set up so close to the ocean there ends up being a lot of background noise. The waves of the ocean, wind and local birds looking for their next bite to eat. I highly recommend ensuring you have a microphone for your ceremony to ensure your guests are able to hear your vows over all the additional noises.

Public Vs Private

You need to keep in mind that there will be other people on the resort. This may run the risk of having other running through the background of your ceremony. Make sure you check with your resort to find out if they will be able to privatize the beach for your wedding. Often many resorts are able to do this for you, however, do be prepared to pay a “fee” to have the beach privatized during your wedding to prevent others from getting in the way or causing additional noise.

Dressing For Your Beach Wedding

Well, maybe not quite, unless you’re into getting married in your bikini and speedo. In all seriousness, I highly recommend that you dress for the beach in lighter more airy fabrics that are easy to move in and will not have you fainting from heatstroke within the first hour of wearing it. Fabrics suck as silk and chiffon are great choices, number one the sand tends to fall right off and number two, you’ll be able to breathe in them. While I agree that a barefoot wedding is absolutely stunning, it may not be ideal for everyone. My suggestion, bury a wooden walkway under the sand to prevent sinkage that way you can still wear those fabulous Jimmy Choo’s!

Prepare a Back Up Plan

While you may have always dreamed of a beach wedding, sometimes on wedding day, Mother Nature has other ideas and throws a curveball at you. Sometimes you may be able to postpone your ceremony to see if the weather clears up. Before you book your wedding venue, I highly recommend that you confirm that your desired venue has multiple locations to host your ceremony in the case of inclement weather.

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