5 Ways to De-Stress During Wedding Planning

5 Ways to De-Stress During Wedding Planning


It’s easy to get caught up in planning your wedding, until you realize that your wedding planning is literally consuming every moment of your life. Conversations with friends and family are about nothing but the wedding. You’re waking up in a panic after having a wedding nightmare that the florist brought a million sticks rather than the beautiful lilies you had picked out. Stop.. take a moment and set aside some time to do something that does not involve your wedding in any way shape or form. Here are some of our top tips to get rid of the wedding angst:

1) Go out on a date with your fiancé

Make this night about the two of you, it doesn’t need to be something fancy or expensive. Take the time to truly enjoy each other’s company and not think about the growing guest list or if your Aunt will get along with his Mom. Who cares, you can deal with that at another time. Use this time to reignite the spark and remind each other what your wedding will be all about your love for one another.

2) Treat yourself to something you love

Find a nice little spa and go and enjoy a massage or a pedicure. It’s nice to pamper yourself a little bit, look for a deal or promotion for new guests to assist in saving a couple of bucks if you want some piece of mind about spending on yourself and not saving for the wedding. Not in the budget to get a massage, go to your favourite coffee shop and buy yourself your favourite tasty treat and indulge.

3) Take up yoga 

Yoga is not only great for getting your body into shape, but it also assists in allowing you to clear your mind and focus on you. Yoga is great for getting your body and mind to slow down and truly enjoy and feel the present moment. Learning a few techniques can truly assist in reducing your stress or wedding anxiety levels.

4) Be still and do nothing

There are some great meditation apps out there which can help you to calm your nerves. This may sound hippy-dippy but meditation has proven to help many manage anxiety and panic attacks.  The Calm, Buddhify and Mindfulness apps are some of our favourites mindfulness apps that can be found on Android and iOS.

5) Talk to your wedding planner

If I am your wedding planner:  CALL ME! Really…just pick up the phone and call me. Most of the time I will put your mind at ease within the first 5 minutes.


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